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Designed for Restaurant, Retail and Salons.
Supports EMV/mobile payments.

About Exatouch®

In today's business environment, it is essential to have a POS solution that not only keeps you up to speed on the latest payment technologies, but also manages your daily operations with ease. Exatouch® delivers on all fronts – payments, front and back office management, and support. See for yourself how Exatouch takes businesses to the next level!


Powered by industry-leader Electronic Payments, Exatouch supports the latest payment technologies with a variety of semi-integrated solutions. With support for EMV, contactless payments, and signature capture, you'll be prepared to handle every transaction that comes your way.

Additionally, Exatouch supports pay-at-the-table with tip adjust on EMV transactions. Learn more about our solutions for restaurants!

Business Management

Now, your point of sale system can streamline your business operations. With one comprehensive POS system, you’ll oversee employee, customer, and vendor management, inventory, appointment scheduling, table mapping, purchase ordering and more! Enhanced reporting also provides greater insight into your business, such as sales, real-time stock counts, customer purchasing trends, and more!

One Call for All

With the power of Electronic Payments behind Exatouch, payments, service and support align with POS in a seamless package. With one phone call, the Electronic Payments support team can assist with your entire payments and POS ecosystem, including POS software and hardware questions, account and transaction inquiries, gift card services, and more!

What Businesses Love about Exatouch

  • Leading Hardware

    Exatouch is a modern, high-performance system designed to endure. Our "all-in-one" Exatouch packages come with an LCD touchscreen and all the peripherals your business needs to manage operations.

  • Cost Effective

    Advanced POS systems don't have to be expensive. Our comprehensive Exatouch packages lower the cost of ownership, combining hardware, software and 24/7 support.

  • Seamless Upgrades

    You'll always have access to the latest software versions and system features. With a simple click of a button, software upgrades are pushed through to each Exatouch station.

  • Feature-Rich Software

    You want it, Exatouch has it: employee and customer management, inventory, appointment scheduling, table mapping, purchasing abilities, and more!

  • Cloud Backup

    The days of worrying about losing data are over! With daily Cloud backup, your data is accessible and securely stored at all times.

  • Programming, Setup and Training

    Setup has never been so easy. Electronic Payments will preload your menu and inventory into your system and make sure you know how to take advantage of Exatouch's many features.

Exatouch Products

Exatouch makes point of sale easy. Our solutions include all the equipment, tools, and support you need in one convenient, cost-effective package. Plus, we assist with the programming, setup and training, so you'll know how to take advantage of Exatouch’s many benefits from the very beginning.

All of our products are secure and PA-DSS Validated, guaranteeing that your Exatouch system meets the latest security standards.

Contact us today to discuss which Exatouch package is best for your business!

Exatouch POS

High Performance. Reliable. Stylish.

What's in the bundle:

  • All-in-one touchscreen
  • Feature-rich software
  • Thermal printer
  • Cash drawer
  • Barcode scanner
  • Customer facing display
  • Wireless keyboard/mouse
  • Semi-integrated EMV-ready device
Exatouch Tablet

Convenient. User-friendly. Secure.

The 7" and 10" Exatouch tablets do it all!

  • Full software capabilities
  • Tableside ordering
  • Mobile inventory
  • Table map and multi-zone
  • Front of house management
  • Line busting
Exatouch For Restaurants

Looking for an additional server station to accompany your Exatouch POS?

The Exatouch Restaurant Bundle is the perfect addition, maximizing operations with:

  • All-in-one touchscreen
  • Full software capabilities
  • Thermal printer
  • Complete, convenient order entry for servers!
  • Semi-integrated EMV-ready device

Semi-Integrated EMV Solutions

Combine fast, reliable and secure payment processing solutions with your business operations. Our wide variety of semi-integrated, EMV-certified payment devices seamlessly integrate with Exatouch, offering more secure methods for accepting payments while enhancing the customer experience. Regardless of your business type or size, you can easily and securely accept all forms of payment through your Exatouch Point of Sale system, including EMV and NFC-enabled payments, such as Apple Pay.

  • Pax S80


  • Pax S300

    PIN Pad

  • Pax D210


Reliability Built into It's Core

Designed with stability and reliability in mind

At its core, Exatouch has a software worthy of any business. Its "cloud hybrid" technology extends the dual benefits of cloud-based and local systems. Cloud-based advantages provide redundant backup and real-time inventory and reporting, while local-based advantages ensure fast, secure transactions and the ability to operate offline.

  • Reliable and redundant Microsoft SQL database
  • Embedded POS - No web browsing, malware or viruses
  • Seamless software updates
  • Cloud backup
  • In-house development and 24/7 support

With Exatouch, conveneient and affrodable gift card solutions are at your fingertips!

eGiftSolutions integrates directly into your Exatouch system, establishing a store-branded program just like the big box retailers. Whether you need gift cards for a franchise or a single location, eGiftSolutions is guaranteed to drive revenue, customer loyalty and overall brand exposure.

Similar to Exatouch, eGiftSolutions provides complete program management, including gift card processing, design and fulfillment services, in-house support and real-time online reporting. We streamline the entire process so you can concentrate on more important business components – like expanding your reach and garnering even more customer satisfaction!

Between our exclusive processing options and comprehensive design, marketing and fulfillment services, we provide everything you need - and more - for implementing a successful gift card program!

Did you know?
  • Gift card purchases are 20-50% higher than the average credit card or cash sale.
  • Plastic gift cards generate 50-100% more sales than paper certificate programs.
  • 55% of gift card recipients are more likely to redeem their cards over multiple visits, increasing retail traffic and revenues.
  • 10-15% never redeem the full value of the card.

Sources: First Data, J.C. Williams Group, American Greetings, National Retail Foundation

Coming Soon!

Skip the line and order ahead!

Extend an additional level of service to your customers with MobileNosh, a comprehensive mobile and online ordering system. Not only will you extend the utmost convenience to your valued patrons, you’ll also increase orders and cut down on wait times! With full integration into Exatouch, orders will automatically populate into your system and list delivery or pickup instructions. It couldn’t be easier or more convenient – for both you AND your customers!

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